Songs of 2008: Ro’s List

Personally, any criteria for this list is usually just a matter of enjoyment, which coincidentally also falls under repetition. Their are a few that can last the year and be memorable to this day, while others have been recent gems I’m yet to give up. Basically, these are the tracks that I have loved this year.

Glass Candy @ Oxford Art Factory

Here are the tracks that made me smile, cry, swoon and dance this year.

  1. Glass Candy – “Rolling Down the Hills” [MP3]
    “Rolling Down the Hills” constantly builds itself into the richest of disco sounds. If this doesn’t get you moving, so god help you.
  2. Beirut – “My Night With the Prostitute From Marseilles”
    Beirut’s contribution to charity is uplifting and borderlines the unusual given Beirut’s style.
  3. Ariel Pink – “Can’t Hear My Eyes”
    Just a recent addition to my library, “Can’t Hear My Eyes” is one of the most amazing pop tracks of 2008. With a a vibe reminiscent to that of an 80’s soap show, any drama here is more than welcome.
  4. Beach House – “Astronaut”
    Immediately, “Astronaut” opens with the most warmest of introductions with Victoria LeGrand singing the following,

    Come over to my house.
    I’ll pour some tea for us;
    one sugar or two.


  5. Metronomy – “A Thing For Me (Breakbots B-Live Miami Mix)”
    One of many tracks released on Bacardi’s new label. This is one of the smoothest remixes this year and with the original track not half bad itself, it proves the potential of not only Metronomy but the venture taken by Bacardi.
  6. Gang Gang Dance – “House Jam” [MP3]
    Consider Battles with a front woman and this would be it.
  7. Grouper – “Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping” [MP3]
    Simply haunting yet beautiful in it’s solitude.
  8. Hercules and Love Affair – “Raise Me Up” [MP3]
    Antony Hegarty’s frequent contributions to their self-titled release made for an interesting combination but it worked and this my favourite – disco and Antony can’t be beat.
  9. Teki Latex – “Go Go Go”
    French hip-hop turn disco. Please don’t be put off. It’s gold, trust me.
  10. Thao and the Get Down Stay Down – “Big Kid Table”
    Blues in feel, twee pop by ear, “Big Kid Table” will get you swinging side-to-side in all its cute little hooks. Maybe Thao Ngyuen’s voice will convince you too.
  11. Eddy Current Suppression Ring – “Colour Television”
  12. KES Band – “Gentle Elf”
  13. No Age – “Teen Creeps” [MP3]
  14. El Guincho – “Kalise”
  15. Health – “Glitter Pills”
  16. Ssion – “Clown (Glass Candy Remix)”
  17. The Russian Futurists – “Let’s Get Ready to Crumble”
  18. El Perro Del Mar – “You Can’t Steal A Gift”
  19. Spod – “Cats!”
  20. Deerhoof – “Snoopy Waves”
  21. Bachelorette – “My Lifetime” [MP3]
  22. Parenthetical Girls – “A Song For Ellie Greenwich”
  23. Abe Vigoda – “Cranes” [MP3]
  24. Xiu Xiu – “I Do What I Want, When I Want”
  25. Weird Tapes – “Nikki”
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  1. melanie said:

    much love for number 9

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