Post(card) in your votes!


Photo: Roger Sargent

So we have slipped into the new year, leaving behind 2008. Alas, we won’t forget 2008 too quickly! It is voting time for Triple J’s Hottest 100 for 2008 and Sydney’s own Sparkadia have three songs up in the running as contenders in the Hottest 100. The guys (and girl) returned back home after being overseas and released “Postcards” halfway through the year, they are now celebrating the great year they just had by offering a free download of “Too Much To Do” which has been vamped up by NYC-based producer Buffalo Bill. I usually hate remixes down to the bone..but Mr Bill hasn’t hacked the song to death and it’s quite listenable.

[MP3] Sparkadia – Too Much To Do (Buffalo Bill Mix)

And if any of Sparkadia’s tracks float your boat, why not vote for them in the Hottest 100? If not, why not vote for some of your favourite tunes of 2008. I’m already ticking off my favourite tracks…

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