Guestlist: Spod

As one of the hardest touring and partying music machines around, Spod, has been left, right and center more than once this year. After the long-overdue release, Superfrenz, its been non stop for Spod and I don’t think the tide is changing. Thankfully he had some time out to compile his 2008 album list of radness for us.

Fucked Up FriendsTim & EricDistortion
Slow PowerDrippersspod

Here are 10 9 albums according to Spod:

  • Spod – Superfrenz
    If you don’t think your own album is the album of the year, you’re not making good enough music. I’m super proud of this lil’ nugget of excellence.
  • Ween – Live at the Cats Cradle
    Sure, it’s a live album, but it’s from the early 90s when ween toured with a DAT machine, and it has a super early version of Buckingham Green on it. Holy moly, as if it’s not the best! Best songwriting duo since Lennon/McCartney.
  • Tim and Eric – Awesome Albums, Great Songs
    Not only is this TV show the greatest thing to ever be televised, they write really good songs. Comedy isn’t good enough to house nor explain T&E.
  • Magnetic Fields – Distortion
    This album is a lovely wander through fuzzed out halls of pop magic. Stephen Merritt is one of the better songwriters walking this earth, and should be noted as such. His penis pours crayon rainbows.
  • Gonzales – Soft Power
    Gonzales. Cunt doesn’t give a FUCK! Got to respect that. He’s a musical genius who kind of scared himself out of making party jams by people not taking him seriously enough with him dropping sexy rhymes over mega beats, so he went straight classic piano to prove he’s a real musician. He didn’t need to prove shit, just kind of proved he listens to critics too much, but this album is a great balance of who he is, and it’s good times.
  • Black Level Embassy – ASP
    Heavy man rock for dudes lovin’ life! I don’t really need to say much more about this band, awesome rock like no one else. This is what bands are about, making a sound that only they could make, and this record makes bands in their vicinity sound appropriately shit.
  • Black Moth Super Rainbow – Drippers EP
    It’s actually an EP, but it’s loose, awesome and like nothing else. I love this band.
  • Tobacco – Fucked Up Friends
    BMSRs main guy’s psych-hop side project. Only just got it before the end of the year, but love it more than love itself! Hissy grooves, imaginative journeys and THE blueprint for the future of hip hop. Probably my favourite album for 2008.
  • Quan – The Amatuer
    Quan and i worked on an EP called BLOX which was a hip hop EP, and this is his extension into his first solo album. Awesome stuff. Hell, i’m even on it!

I wish I could include Modern Guilt … But I can’t. Fuck you Beck for being scared of yourself and dead to me, motherfucker never recovered from Sea Change.

This Saturday, Spod kicks off another tour with US music machine, Totally Michael, starting in Brisbane. Here are the dates:

Jan 10 Troubador, Brisbane
Jan 14 Transit Bar, Canberra
Jan 16 Roxannes, Melbourne
Jan 17 Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne*

*With Metronomy.

I’m telling ya, the Spod train don’t stop.

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  1. Adam Lewis said:

    Rats off to ya!

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