Year of the Panda Bear … and Collective

The hype surrounding Animal Collective‘s latest release, Merriweather Post Pavilion, is quite astonishing, even Pitchfork agrees.

Animal Collective

Photo: Benjamin Corrigan

And deservingly so as they constantly challenge the status quo(s) present in contemporary music. Sure, there are other musicians breaking through with similar innovative and intriguing sounds but none are consistent. Perhaps that is a fixed condition in such “experimental” music. Since releasing Sung Tongs in 2004, their sound has continued to remain intriguing despite personal differences – they are a group of unique characters with amazing ideas that together are translated into this organic and (at times) conflicting dialogue.

*As much as I would love to share a track from their new album, Domino Records have insisted on all Merriweather tracks to be kept offline until the release date. As a compromise, I have a live recording of a song reworked for Merriweather listed on the record as “My Girls”.

Live from the Coronet Theatre, London, 11 July, 2007:
[MP3] Animal Collective – Little Girl (I Don’t Need)


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