Review: St. Vincent @ the Speigeltent

She sings “Your Lips Are Red” and coincidently her own are a hue nearing scarlet leaving those close fixating on her movement and on the release of her voice. St Vincent is her band, Annie Clark is her name and it appears she has left a significant imprint in the minds of Sydney tonight.

St. Vincent @ the Speigeltent

Clark (despite being humble in nature) immediately demands your attention and if proven unsuccessful, she will work for it with unexpected and loud thrashes on the guitar amidst the soft context she had previously set from the start. The gaze of the predominantly middle-aged audience turns into curiosity for a lone woman on stage who appears uncomplicated. That said, her music is the contrary with sophisticated built-up melodies and intense solos, above which is covered with the most versatile and proficient of voices. The track “Now Now” was delivered with strength even in all its harmonic glory. “Kitchen” (a new track from her upcoming album) gave an insight into the new directions she is taking, of which is both bold and electronic. Meanwhile, “Marry Me” and “These Days” (a Jackson Browne cover) reached inconceivable proportions and were simply beautiful. Unaccompanied sits Clark at the grand piano mid-set. She converses with the crowd in the friendliest of manners before commencing her rendition of “Marry Me”, so vulnerable and delicate. Before long, we see the end of her set closing it out with “These Days”, finishing off exactly how she started – light, soft and delicate. It was then my heart sunk to irretrievable depths.

St. Vincent @ the Speigeltent

St. Vincent presented a combination of polar opposites tonight. From heavy foot stomps to light finger-picked melodies; delicate and wispy to luscious cabaret-esque vocals, St Vincent is the unexpected yet in aural form. She remains elegant even with such strong convictions whilst immersed in this unique world of hers. St. Vincent was always going to be magic.

  1. wow, i very much would like to have seen this…i am hearing so many good things about sydney festival this year.
    and very pretty pictures.

  2. RO said:

    We would’ve liked for you to accompany us during this time – we all miss you Meg.

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