Run with the Vivian Girls

Vivian Girls

Photo: Derin Thorpe

The last all-girl trio that left a strong impression in music unfortunately disbanded a couple of years ago. Since Sleater-Kinney, there has not been one all-girl band that seems as prominent bearing a similar aesthetic until now. Brooklyn’s Vivian Girls bears a sober resemblance to the former in vocal exchanges and fuzzy feedback. However, in their recently released self-titled album, the vocals by the trio become a light and playful exchange channeling Phil Spector. “All the Time” opens the album with a delirious pace whereas “Where Do You Run To” is jangly and ridiculously catchy. Their vintage sound feels very d.i.y but here it is neither intimidating nor a complete mess and it never gets old – even with numerous listens their noise-pop sound still remains fresh. The quick 10-track album closes with “I Believe in Nothing” and proves that despite simple lyricism and fundamental chord progressions, the Vivian Girls are truly a band to believe in.

From Vivian Girls (In-Fidelity/Inertia):
[MP3] Vivian Girls – Where Do You Run To

Vivian Girls’ self-titled album is out locally February 28 on In-Fidelity/Inertia records.


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