Psychic Dances


Photo: Jay Hanna

Brooklyn’s Telepathe (pronounced telepathy) are about to drop their debut full-length album, Dance Mother. Stemming from the same regional, avant-garde, experimental groups including Gang Gang Dance and TV On The Radio, Melissa Lauvinais and Busy Gangnes of Telepathe are producing some of the heaviest dance beats that side of the world. Their tracks are dark and curiously poppy, to the point where a dance convulsion is more than appropriate. Dance Mother also includes some previously released tracks such as “Chromes On It” and “Devil’s Trident”, both of which are very solid tunes. Anyway, Telepathe will be huge.

From Dance Mother (IAMSOUND):
[MP3] Telepathe – So Fine

Dance Mother is out April 14.

  1. grace said:

    they are too damn cool. and hot.

  2. Elaine said:

    Hey Ro, random question that isn’t connected to your post, but what happened to Arcady Mag? I was looking for it so I can analyse it for my Web Media class, but it links to some JohnPash website and I’m all “wtf”. Is it still online and running?

  3. RO said:

    I really don’t know tbh…I think it died a while back, unfortunately. I can only assume life has caught up and there can only be so much time before it kills passion.

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