New Music: Rio en Medio

Rio en Medio

Photo: Scott Fleishman

We all have our little secrets and I confess, one of mine just happens to include the Earth, Wind & Fire song, “Let’s Groove”. So when I heard Rio en Medio’s cover of “Let’s Groove” I was smitten all over. The past week it has been on high rotation and when I dug a little deeper, I found the little treasure that Rio en Medio really is. As the pseudonym of Danielle Stech-Homsy, Rio en Medio, resides in New Mexico-via-Brooklyn and could easily be branded as part of that ‘freak-folk’ genre. Elements of Joanna Newsom, Coco Rosie and Devendra Barnhart aren’t difficult to detect in Rio en Medio’s style but her narrative seems more attuned to the mysticism of the native ancients – their music exists in their own realms and Rio en Medio’s is no different. Having just released her follow-up album to The Bride of Dynamite, Frontier, Rio En Medio is a name you will hear again.

[MP3] Rio en Medio – Girls on the Run
[MP3] Rio en Medio – Let’s Groove


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