New Music: Crystal Stilts

You may have read Heidi’s interviews here or here. From this point onwards, expect to see more posts from the Brooklyn local as she introduces you to some new music happening from the other side of the world.

Crystal Stilts

Photo: Pavla Kopecna

Brooklyn’s Crystal Stilts have attracted a plethora of references from seemingly every major music press source on the planet. An obvious reaction to a band who have successfully melded a variety of genre’s to create their own moody and somewhat atmospheric style. The late 2008 release, Alight Of Night, founds it’s place on numerous ‘Hit Lists’ by no surprise. The sparkle in the shine however, is that Crystal Stilts is a band you have to see live to really understand the effortless and master in the ‘mood’. A sultry ‘cooler than though’ lead man and a ‘butter would melt in my mouth’ stand up female drummer, this band can through even the most together, fall apart.

[MP3] Crystal Stilts – Crystal Stilts


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