Review: Wavves at the Casbah

Last Friday night, I was lucky enough to witness one of the most highly anticipated homecomings. San Diego local Nathan Williams – the mind behind Wavves – blew us all away with his tropical punk akin to his peers on the west coast including No Age and Abe Vigoda.

Wavves @ the Casbah

Wavves is loud, very loud, even ironically during the somber track “Weed Demon”. Wavves’ latest 7” single “To the Dreggs” feels like pop disguised as punk, even live. Despite his small stature, Wavves packs a punch bigger than you imagine. Simple chord progressions tied together with infectious lyrics are common. Complete with intense head thrashing (enough to make your own head sore just by looking at it) Wavves portrays a substantial and convincing performance.

Wavves @ the Casbah

For the duration of this show I had the shivers watching Wavves but none more so than during “Side Yr On” whereby the jangly melody is drained with Williams’ vocals. The set mainly featured songs from his recently released, self-titled debut and the hype is very well deserved.

A few more photos are here.


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