Album Review: My Mauldin Career

Camera Obscura

Photo: Donald Milne

The moment you keep revisiting a particular idea or thing, you invest a degree of attachment that is irreplaceable. With Scottish quintet, Camera Obscura, their sound is one of few that feels at home. Refined to the most charming of melodies and lyrics, it gets to me every single time (even more so live). My Mauldin Career is consistent twee-pop very much akin to Let’s Get Out Of This Country and Underachievers Please Try Harder. From the opener “French Navy” to the subtle closing bang of “Honey In The Sun”, there is little room for error in the Camera Obscura methodology. Even during the somber tracks like “Careless Love” and “Other Towns and Cities” there is a certain glow you cannot avoid. If there is one pop album you should listen to this year, make it this.

From My Mauldin Career (4AD):
[MP3] Camera Obscura – French Navy

1 comment
  1. Chris G said:

    Great album, with a bit more depth than the previous. Pop for grown ups.

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