Zoe Reviews: Ragged & Ecstatic


Photo: Cybele Malinowski

Yves Klein Blue have just released their debut album Ragged & Ecstatic – an unpredictable, 12-track composition of wailing vocals and a diversity of instruments; the album definitely exhibits the versatility of the Brisbane quartet captured under the bright lights of Hollywood. The opening track “Make Up Your Mind” was a struggle however the preceding track “Getting Wise” with it’s catchy melody is definitely a track where you bust out the air guitar piano. “Digital Love” feels dark but that’s what I like about it – it’s separated itself from Yves Klein Blue’s other tunes and has delved into unpredictable territory with sensual undertones. Ragged & Ecstatic manages to slip in an acoustic mood mid-way through the album but the boys re-emerge with their ska-type of energy in “Summer Sheets” – an optimistic track that really lifts the album. “Polka” is definitely the stand out from Ragged & Ecstatic and with it’s infectious melody, you would probably agree.

[MP3] Yves Klein Blue – Polka

Ragged & Ecstatic is out now through Dew Process.


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