Album Review: Yeah, So

Slow Club

Photo: Phil Sharp

In the fast pace that operates our daily life, there are occasional instances that tell us to slow down. In this case, Yeah, So is an album that has surfaced and reinforces this idea of decelerating. As the latest release from English duo, Slow Club,Yeah, So is determined to thrust you into that lower gear. From the outset with “When I Go” you sense the relaxed atmosphere as presented through Charles Watson’s solitary guitar work and the luscious harmonies exchanged between Watson and Rebecca Taylor. Subsequent to “When I Go” is “Giving Up On Love” whereby Slow Club’s sound is truly encapsulated – lo-fi folk-pop that’s reminiscent to the sound of She & Him. What differentiates Slow Club from their contemporaries are the details – the additional hooks and dramatic vocal shifts that are not inapt. As Yeah, So comes to a close Slow Club blooms in the most endearing way particularly during “Apples and Pears” and “Let’s Fall Back In Love” (which you may know through this ad). Despite Slow Club’s quiet character, I’m sure you’ll find time and comfort in their songs.

[MP3] Slow Club – Because We’re Dead

Yeah, So is in stores July 18 via Popfrenzy.


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