Heidi Interviews: Deastro

Heidi recently took some time out with Deastro’s Randolf Chabot to discuss all things past, present and future. In this exclusive interview, Chabot identifies his beliefs shaped by his friends, childhood memories and his subconscious, even revealing what a Moondagger exactly is.


Photo: Jeremy Deputat

TWYE: With the colonization of Mars climbing higher on the America’s ‘To Do’ list and taking rank over Earth’s own backyard, if invited, would you play the first Martian Music Festival?

Randolph Chabot: No, as much as a sci-fi nerd as I am I could not justify the use of resources it would take to get us there, especially considering the needs here on our own planet. It would be sick though.

TWYE: If you could design any official Deastro merchandise without boundary, what would it be?

RC: (I’m thinking flannel pajamas) Fanny Packs.

TWYE: Would you consider the ARC (Artists Revitalizing Communities) to be a ‘lead by example’ movement?

RC: Yes, my friends in that group really inspire people by their own lifestyle. Their real impact is who they are as people. You can never truly create a movement you just have to go for it and invite your friends to come along with you.

TWYE: What do you feel is the best way to initiate change in a world gone mad about aggressive shock value tactics and propaganda style recruitment?

RC: There is nothing that can stand up against someone or a group of people who have no other motive other than an actual love for people and our world. It may be stamped out by those who continue to insist that power and possession are paramount to happiness and success, but for every person that lives and makes this purity of heart their song there is at least one other, if not many, who are inspired to do the same. I guess my personal approach is to be even more shocking without a telephone number at the end of every song, trying to get money out of you.

TWYE: As an adult with the ability to draw from hindsight, do you believe that the culture you were exposed to as a child differs from what modern children are currently subject to?

RC: Yes I do. I think back to Batman the animated series, Secret of Nihm, Fivel an American Tale, All Dogs Go to Heaven, the Crow, Grunge, Punk, Emo, I feel like our art and media had this dark side to it but as a reaction to the world around them. The culture I was raised in was not afraid to express their contempt and sadness for the state of industrialization and devastation that was taking place in America. The thing about children’s programming now I think, beginning with maybe some of the pop music of the 90’s is that it is all glam and hype – it is a candy-coated piece of coal. Underneath the false wall of ready-made Walmarts, flat roofs, and the visually dead homes of the suburbs decay is marching forward.

I feel like my generation was equipped by our childhood experiences to find light in the darkest places, which I think is a line from the animated Transformers movie.

Haha. But I think the growing trend of sheltering children from the actual state of things because they can’t handle it or whatever is the wrong approach. We have to handle it; we live here.

TWYE: Hypothetically speaking, if you write cathartically about a colorful existence, what would you do if you fell into a black and white rut.

RC: I think I would make a plane of white with a million winding black roads stemming from one point.

TWYE: What does a Moondagger look like?

RC: Haha, I don’t know if I can remember my dream that vividly but I feel from recent dreams it only appears to be a dagger it is an illusion. It is actually a dark mass that swallows the hearts of men that has managed to be contained in this dagger.

Moondagger is out now on Pod/Inertia Records (CD version comes with Deastro’s debut album, Keepers as a bonus disk).

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