Album Review: Creaturesque

Like an atom, Seattle quartet, Throw Me The Statue appear to exist in a state of equilibrium. Creaturesque – their latest full-length release – sees the band perfectly governing the pop-rock genre. What is present is a balance of positive and negative energy as provided by the multi-instrumental quartet.


Photo: Tae Rhee

Opening Creaturesque is the sunny, casual melody of “Waving at the Stone” with “Pistols” offering a bare side to the band and a surprising contrast to the mood set by “Waving at the Stone”. The album weaves in out from bubbly pop to somber lo-fi rock making the pace of Creaturesque unpredictable but welcome. With the turn of a new track, new sounds emerge as if Throw Me The Statue are evolving right before your eyes ears. Key tracks include “Noises”, “Cannibal Rays”, “Snowshoes” and “Dizzy From the Fall”.

From Creaturesque:
[MP3] Throw Me The Statue – Cannibal Rays

Creaturesque is in stores August 15 through Popfrenzy.

As a treat, here is a track from their debut album, Moonbeams.
[MP3] Throw Me The Statue – Lolita

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  1. Wayne said:

    I am really enjoying this album!

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