This is Plague Park

On occasion, there is welcomed music news that comes up in my inbox, becomes flagged and all of a sudden, spreading the word about it in a non-invasive, chain mail becomes priority. So when a little email with the subject line “Handsome Furs – Australian Tour Announced” popped up, I almost fell off my chair.

Handsome Furs

Photo: Liam Maloney

Long ago when I just finished school and the number of Australian music blogs was less than 6, I stumbled across a little Canadian band called Wolf Parade. I fell in love with their 2005 album Apologies to the Queen Mary and not long after, I adored every single Canadian band that I subsequently discovered. A particular group of bands including Sunset Rubdown, Swan Lake and the Handsome Furs – three notable bands that have stemmed from members of Wolf Parade – inevitably caught my attention (and a few others too). That pivotal year was characterized by a lot of things but nothing as predominant as the music that accompanied it.

The Handsome Furs will be in town next week and maybe you are just as excited as I am.

Listen to “Legal Tender” from their latest album Face Control (out now on Sub Pop/Stomp).


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