New Music: Girls

I’m no pimp but I want to introduce you to Girls…the band.


Photo: Sandy Kim

As another great band to emerge from America’s west coast, the duo of Christopher Owens and JR White will make you relive your teenage grunge years and maybe even the surf pop from the 60’s/70’s. Perhaps it’s the lo-fi guitar riffs and simple vocal melodies that evokes the tunes of Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys. However there is something dark lurking beneath all this shiney lo-fi pop. For the majority of his life, Owens was raised in a cult and spent that life not knowing about the outside world until the age of 16. Drugs and his first love soon followed but the romantic interest soon died down. And now we have Girls who might just be the music that may represent a new generation in a similar legacy Nirvana bestowed upon the youth of the 90’s.

[MP3] Girls – Hellhole Ratrace***
[MP3] Girls – Lust for Life

*** = Very recommened

Their debut album coincidentally named Album will be out October 17. This is one highly anticipated record.

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