Album Review: Chromeo’s DJ Kicks

In the dark corner of every good record store lies a pile of one-dollar records snubbed by the many people who walk straight past it. If Chromeo had this same attitude, their contribution to K7’s DJ Kicks series wouldn’t be the same.


Photo: Angela Boatwright

While the Montreal duo maybe more recognized for their Fancy Footwork release, the diversity on this compilation of re-worked 80’s disco and R&B classics has me grinning wider than the chesire cat. The general majority of Chromeo’s DJ Kicks cuts are sourced from 80’s Montreal groups with the exception of their own cover of The Eagles’ “I Can’t Tell You Why”. Chromeo’s approach excludes their notorious vox in favour of preserving the melodies of the original track. It’s a delicate balance of old and new sounds, nostalgic of disco gems mixed with contemporary appeal and the casual spin of your mirrored disco ball. This is simply awesome!

From DJ Kicks:
[MP3] Chromeo – Time to Move

Out locally on September 26 through !K7 records. Head over to DJ Kick’s micro-site for Chromeo’s “I Can’t Tell You Why”.


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