Album Review: Get Color

Dammit HEALTH, this is just too good.


Photo: Renata Raksha

I’m talking about Get Color – their latest release and follow-up to their impressive, 2007 self-titled debut. “In Heat” is an abrupt introduction to Get Color and if you’re just new to HEALTH, “In Heat” is pretty much HEALTH 101 – it presents the fundamental elements to HEALTH’s peculiar sound. It’s loud, raw, chaotic and damn fierce. “Die Slow” manages the perfect balance of dance and experimental rock, proving to be one of the many strong tracks on Get Color. There’s an element of tactility masked by the delicate spiritual nature behind the shared vocals of John Famiglietti and Jake Duzsik consistently throughout Get Color. This is perhaps the most dominant record of the year but it’s ridiculously infectious and is just simply sublime.

From Get Color:
[MP3] HEALTH – Severin

Get Color – get on it! In stores September 19 through Poprenzy records.

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