Album Review: Broken Side of Time

Hailing from Brooklyn, Alberta Cross have been making some promising in-roads around the world and with the release of their debut around the corner, they’re honest folk-rock music is about to grace our ears.

Alberta Cross

Photo: Brantley Guittierez

Alberta Cross’ debut album, Broken Side of Time is one of those albums that bridge the gap between the young and old and after just three songs you can begin to understand why with “Old Man Chicago” reminiscent of Neil Young’s style – modest, timeless and spirited. “ATX” is an explosion of musical punches, notably Petter Ericson Stakee’s vocals. Their songs are influenced by their immediate context, where on one occasion Alberta Cross spent 10 hours per day jamming in forest in Virginia – “Rise From the Shadows” and “Ghost of the City Life” are the songs that speak of such isolation. Broken Side of Time is quite a dark album however the themes present are very appropriate to all of us. The stoner-rock revivalists have got a score to settle and with Broken Side of Time they get straight to business.

Alberta Cross is for fans of My Morning Jacket, Band of Horses, Blitzen Trapper and even our own, Sparkadia!

[MP3] Alberta Cross – ATX

Broken Side of Time is in stores October 2 through Dew Process.


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