Album Review: Unmap

Volcano Choir is the kind of band you wouldn’t mind being deserted with. In fact, Justin Vernon (from Bon Iver) is very well adapted in this context. Together with Collections of Colonies of Bees, Vernon and fellow his Wisconsinites bring you Volcano Choir and their debut album, Unmap – an ethereal collection of delicate sounds, light and spirited.

Volcano Choir

Photo: Cameron Wittig

You constantly find yourself immersed in Unmap due to the very minimalist sounds of Volcano Choir as if you’re trapped in a place colliding between a grand gothic church and a forest of tall evergreens. You sit around a fire in the middle of this place and participate in the luscious sounds of “And Gather”. The sounds you hear in “Islands, Is” echo into far off worlds waking the metaphorical giant in “Still” to take you home.

Unmap will take you across the world and back again.

[MP3] Volcano Choir – Island, Is

Unmap is out September 26 on Jagjaguwar/Inertia.

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