Review: Vivian Girls at Spectrum

I admit I was a little very excited on Friday. Only 5 months ago, I was on the other side of the world watching Vivian Girls in the probably the smallest bar in SoCal (or Southern California to those of us here) and between the time lapse, the Vivian Girls are still very much enjoying the ride. From the start of this year they’ve manage to grace almost every single blog, magazine and place now reaching the far corners of the world with their first tour to Australia.

Vivian Girls @ Spectrum

Despite a hazy memory this morning, I recall their set comprising a good balance of songs from their debut and their upcoming release, Everything Goes Wrong, as if they read my tweet just before I left for the gig that night.

I could say every song was filled with luscious harmonies and jangly, skuzz pop riffs and indeed that was the case but none more so during “Such a Joke” and “Where Do You Run To” where it featured prominently. Even during “Can’t Get Over You” – a new track from Everything Goes Wrong – they were polished leaving no room for error. “Before I Start to Cry” provided a melancholy moment, which was surprisingly unexpected but it was great to see another shade to the classic Vivian Girls sound. On occasion you might find Kickball Katy amongst the crowd while Cassie Ramone and Ali Koehler remain at their stations.

Vivian Girls @ Spectrum

Vivian Girls @ Spectrum

The encore included “I Believe in Nothing” and was a personal highlight maybe because I’ve been itching to hear it live since their Orphange 7”. Closing with “Damaged”, I can’t imagine anyone walking out of Spectrum that night unimpressed. The Vivian Girls today are an exciting group of really great, if not best, friends. It is a positive dynamic I wish I could be a witness to all the time.

Also, props to Hawnay Troof, the one man party machine for bringing the energy to entertain us all before Vivian Girls. He struck a chord real deep within all of us.

For some more photos, visit the gallery.

I’m sure you’ll hear more from me about the Vivian Girls, in fact maybe I should just end here and declare this week as Vivian Girls week?


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