Review: Everything Goes Wrong

Everything Goes Wrong is the latest offering from the Brooklyn lasses, Vivian Girls. Lengthier and darker than their self-titled debut, we are presented with themes of heartbreak and solitude, which something we can all relate to.


Photo: Ivan Montero

Recorded in only six days, the Vivian Girls are a true testament to a random sticker my dad found one day when I was 6, that said “Girls can do anything!” The confidence in their sound and approach is down pact; making the fact of its recording time seem, well, rather trivial. By no means have they slacked off, if anything it’s the contrary. Their classic sound fusing the Jesus & Mary Chain and The Vaselines with girl groups such as The Ronettes is still present with tracks like “The End” roaring at you while simultaneously softened by the vocal melodies of all three. During “Out For the Sun” you are chased in the most non-threatening way possible. Everything Goes Wrong is a prime example of a band who know their sound and aren’t afraid to push it forward into another realm even if it is towards the darker side.

From Everything Goes Wrong:
[MP3] Vivian Girls – Can’t Get Over You

Everything Goes Wrong is out now through In-Fidelity.

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