Last Night: El Perro Del Mar at the Oxford Art Factory

There is a first for everything. Last night was the first time a show felt under whelming. With the Oxford Art Factory not even half full by the time El Perro Del Mar came on stage, I can only imagine it would’ve only felt confronting to the Swede who is visiting for the first time to support Sarah Blasko.

El Perro Del Mar @ the Oxford Art Factory

El Perro Del Mar’s songs aren’t even that confronting. If anything they are simple, light-hearted and joyous. They are short pop pieces for everyone to enjoy. It’s really that accessible. Even more so are the songs from her latest release Love is Not Pop. Accompanied by a guitarist and a backing track, the songs from Love is Not Pop, including “Change of Heart”, “Heavenly Arms” and “Gotta Get Smart”, were uplifting and not as two-dimensional as it may appear. Revisiting her first self-titled debut with “I Coming Down The Hill”, El Perro adorns herself with her 12-string guitar and it becomes evident this is where she finds herself at ease. The occasional song from her second album From the Valley to the Stars was played yet the highlight was her cover of “(At Your Best) You Are Love”, which closed her set. El Perro’s luscious adaptation of the R&B classic made me die a little inside.

El Perro Del Mar @ the Oxford Art Factory

Her vocals are faultless and pitch-perfect every single time and it’s one voice I’d be happy drifting along to. To be honest she is a delight to watch. If only Sydney wasn’t so disappointing.

A few more photos are here.

  1. Jes said:

    How hard was it to not be completely disappointed in Sydney last night? I wanted to murder the two girls behind me who spoke loudly through the entire show. Also: it was a pretty short set, non? I still loved her.

    • RO said:

      It was an incredibly short set for someone who has three albums under their belt! P.s. I’m hoping they weren’t my friends – we are all a bit chatty last night. Oops.

  2. alex said:

    you didn’t catch any snaps of her dancing by any chance? what a cutie.

    • RO said:

      I did take some but they’re not that great. :s Sorry Alex.

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