Album Review: The First Dance

Bridezilla‘s debut album The First Dance is a soirée of luscious vocals, haunting beats and intriguing melodies. It is dark pop shaped by styles of their contemporaries including The Dirty Three and Cat Power. Bridezilla however, have developed this truly mystical style and The First Dance is a true extension of this. Did I mention that this is only their debut album?


Photo: Alicia Kish

In a space of four years Bridezilla has evolved into one of our many promising artists. What sets Bridezilla apart is exactly this process of growth. Holiday Carmen-Sparks’ vocals speak of age – a mature sound deeply evocative of PJ Harvey. It is narrative driven and it consistently carries you away. Together with the echoing strings of violinist Daisy Tulley and the soft bellows of the saxophone from Millie Hall, the melodies presented are ethereal. It is Pia May Courtley’s work on the guitar that provides that element of lightness as in “Tailback”. The instrumental explorations in “Soft Porn” make it the pivotal track with each layer stripped back to four minutes of magic. “Magnetic Arrest” is dramatic and hyphenated while “Queen of Hearts” appears to evoke significant memories. The beats by Josh Bush ties it all together, providing the solidity to their sound. The First Dance is an ethereal journey, full of warmth and atmosphere. It is delicate, curious, dark and soft as if it is almost tangible. It could just be magic.

Listen to the lead single “Beaches” here. The First Dance is out November 7 on Inertia Recordings.

  1. Pix said:

    brilliant review… you said everything i was thinking but couldn’t voice into words quite so eloquently

  2. Cristian Rocca said:

    I think I prefer their EP (at this point) it seamt fuller with more thought put into the structure of each song. But this is after just one listen.

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