New Music: Raphael Saadiq

There is something quite comforting about soul music. Perhaps it is the honesty, or the upbeat rhythm that makes you want to swing side-to-side, or even the hand claps. Whatever it is, I’ve always had a soft spot for it.

Raphael Saadiq

Photo: Tone

The new kid man on the block is Raphael Saadiq and I wished I had spotted him earlier. Saadiq is like a contemporary Otis Redding – his vocals are smooth and sultry. Fronting a big band, Saadiq consistently delivers with a degree of flair and at the age of 43, I’m rather blown away. With lyrics that are carefully articulated, Saadiq is a true veteran. He is too suave for words to be honest.

[MP3] Raphael Saadiq – Let’s Take a Walk

His fourth full-length, The Way I See It, was released last year and never saw a local release. Like I said earlier, I wished I picked up on Saadiq earlier.


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