Tour News: Micachu & The Shapes

Fronting the British trio Micachu & The Shapes is the 22 year old, experimental singer-songwriter Micachu – the moniker of Mica Levi. The trained musician has already been commissioned to write a piece for London Philharmonic Orchestra, rapped with Wiley and Mecury Prize winner, Speech Debelle and her debut album, Jewellery, is perhaps one of the most freshest sounding and critically-acclaimed albums this year. If it’s new sounds you are after, Micachu & The Shapes is the band for you.


Photo: Olly Hearsey

Just a note: the music of Micachu & The Shapes is abstract. It is heavily syncopated and dissonant, even awkward. The array of sounds generated from numerous homemade instruments is catchy, so catchy it’ll keep the kids with short attention spans at bay. Their unique sound has already captured the experimental pop queen Bjork and next year, it will be our turn to experience the flurry of chaotic sounds from Micachu & The Shapes who will be here as part of the Days Like This festival.

4 Jan The John Curtin Hotel, Melbourne
8 Jan Amplifier, Perth
10 Jan Days Like This festival, Sydney w/ Cat Power & Dirty Delta Blues, Pivot and many more.

Thanks to the kind folks over at Days Like This, we have one double pass to the Days Like This festival happening at the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park. Like with all TWYE giveaways, all you have to do is leave yourself a comment with your favourite day and why. We might just pick you as our lucky winner on November 30. Good luck!

  1. andrew said:

    friday is my favourite day, because at work we have a thing called “elevenses”, where a staff member has to bring in delicious treats, like tiramisu or chocolate fudge slice. sometimes people bring in exotic treats like gulab jamun.

    also, because it’s the start of the weekend which means i can get drunk.

  2. Cate said:

    Sunday is the best day. Who does anything on a Sunday?? It’s the epitome of relaxation.

  3. Morris said:

    The day I win a free double pass to Days Like This, because I want. Gimme.

  4. Adam said:

    I like Christmas Eve. Up until that point it’s all a rush. Preparing way too much. Last minute gifts. Then, as the evening sets in, you finally sit back with everything done. Hit the christmas day wine a bit early. Check out some ridiculous christmas lights and watch a bad festive movie. It’s relaxing as hell and the Christmas anticipation is still there. The next day never quite lives up to it.

  5. Kat said:

    When I was kid it was definitely my birthday…free stuff + attention = highlight of the year.

    Now I just feel old.

    So now it’s just a day with lovely weather and company and not much on the agenda.

  6. Timothy said:

    My favourite day is Thursday because it’s spaghetti bolognaise day.

  7. Miriam said:

    The longest day is the happiest day. Summer solstice not only sounds poetic but it lets you optimise your frolicking-in-the-sun time, with a t-shirt weather night to continue the party.

  8. David said:

    October 3rd is a great day. Tommy Lee of Motley Crue was born, Gwen Stefani of No Doubt was born…and I was born as well. In different decades for each, mind. But still, a great day!

  9. Nick said:

    its gotta be monday, everyone else loathes such an awkward day, such an open minded day from a substance abused weekend. everyone seems on the same level playing field.. go monday! peace.

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