Party with Ponytail, The Grates, and MANY MORE

You! Do you have plans for New Years Eve yet? Anything? Nothing? Perfect!


Photo: Christopher Dibble

The Purple Sneakers New Years Eve house party is perhaps Sydney’s premier party to end the year. Consider 2,500 of your mates in a lounge room with some of the world’s best bands and dj’s including The Boxer Rebellion and Baddies from the UK, and the always-amazing Ponytail from Baltimore. Top that with some our finest local talent like The Grates, Philadelphia Grand Jury, Red Riders, DZ and many more, and you’ve pretty much got a recipe for the perfect end to 2009. With the first release of tickets sold out (and a second release sure to sell out soon), this is one party that beats being cramped by the Harbour.

And yep, you guess it! Thanks to Boundary Sounds, we have one double pass to the Purple Sneakers New Years Eve House Party to giveaway to one of our readers. Entry is simple, just leave a comment with your favourite area of the house to party in and why. Winner will be picked at random on November 30.

  1. The kitchen – bcuz thats where all the booze and food is at!
    Getting smashed & replenishing your energy with food whilst listening to cool cool music will make it an epic night of fun-ness!

  2. Krissy said:

    That little area just outside the bathroom – you’re usually there by neccessity but you always have the best converstaions while waiting outside the toilet!!!


  3. Kat said:

    In the bathroom, doing all the cool kids’ hair… or trying to.

    • carla said:

      or in the dinning room giving drunken hair cuts…

  4. Can’t go past a good dance on the roof. Not only is it a great place to enjoy a sneaky sherbet or two, the constant chance of falling + epic injury always keeps the night interesting.

  5. Elaine said:

    Front yard. If there is a front yard. If you pass out, rest assured, you’ll hit a patch of grass ;D

  6. Jorge said:

    In the lounge. Trashy dancefloor times on the couches

  7. kat said:

    …or on the tables

  8. Timothy said:

    The bedroom, because that’s where the party really gets started if you know what I mean, ladies!

    Seriously though, I’m a terribly lonely virgin. Somebody help me.

  9. Aidan said:

    under the bathtub in my grandads flat, because thats where the funk is!

  10. NNnniicckkKK said:

    i really dont fukn care where i party i just like parties. dosnt matter where i am, there still is a party. so fuk yeh. choose me!!

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