And That's Why You Always Leave A Note

It almost that time of the year again where the kids are writing a list of things to send to the big man in red and the nerds are compiling their end-of-year lists. Personally, 2009 has been a big year in terms of music releases so I’m looking forward to sharing my year with you all. I am also keen to know what your favourite releases are this year.

Thanks to the amazing people at Inertia, we have an awesome prize pack to end our birthday month. It includes some of our most loved albums of this year and it contains a copy of the following albums:

  • Girls – Album
  • El Perro Del Mar – Love Is Not Pop
  • Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest
  • Bridezilla – The First Dance
  • Volcano Choir – Unmap
  • Bon Iver – Blood Bank (Signed Copy)

To win, simply leave a comment below with your favourite album of this year and why. The winner will be chosen at random and will be announced November 30. Good luck!

  1. Jack Braunstein said:

    veckatimest. songs like “i live with you” are just fantastic. monsters of folk is up there to though.

  2. Tegan said:

    Bibio – Ambivalence Avenue because it has been the source for most singalongs and dancing sessions this year.

  3. jorge said:

    gimme gimme gimme! such amazing artists.

  4. Matt said:

    Brand New – Dairy, Because in my eyes, Brand New can’t step a foot wrong. So much variety in this new album and a great traveling album no matter what mood you are in.

  5. Morris said:

    The Fresh and Onlys – s/t

    Great pop music brought half-way to lo-fi.

  6. Tegan Jean said:

    Bat for Lashes – Two Suns.

    Great tunes, artwork, everything about it is magical

    • kat said:

      I may have to agree with you there!

  7. Timothy said:

    So hard to choose. There’s been plenty of albums I’ve loved but none from this year that I’ve been majorly obsessed with. If I had to choose I’d probably say Dragonslayer by Sunset Rubdown because it fucking rocks from start to finish. Spencer Krug ❤

  8. Gabrieeelllee said:

    Zounds by Dappled Cities (Fly).
    A beautiful collection of indie tracks that makes even the worst days shine.

  9. Fearghal said:

    Philadelphia Grand Jury’s Hope is For Hopers.
    Not only did they put an amazing live show you knew you’d love into and album. they also included a few little jems, i personaly was unaware of.

  10. Kristen said:

    The Horrors – Primary Colours.

    I didn’t like their first album, and I doubt I will like their 3rd album, but Primary Colours is epic, swirling and brooding and I haven’t heard music like this for a very long time.

  11. cara said:

    logos-Atlas Sound, it sounds all sorts of summery and mellow.

    Or Together Through Life- Bob Dylan,heartbroken lyrics and set to sultry guitars. Also there is Bruce Davidson photo as a cover image. Win!

  12. aaron said:

    the antlers – hospice.
    an album with so much passion, leaving you wanting to hear the next track till sadly you are left with the epilogue and it ends. leaving you satisfied, but wanting more. then you start from track 1 again.

  13. Jeremy said:

    bitte orca. dirty projectors.
    bitte orca. dirty projectors.
    bitte orca. dirty projectors.
    bitte orca. dirty projectors.
    bitte orca. dirty projectors.
    bitte orca. dirty projectors.
    bitte orca. orca bitte.

  14. Cristian Rocca said:

    After a reasonable amount of deliberation, I think Future of the Left’s Travels With Myself and Another is my favourite album of the year. It’s a fantastic collection of concise, energetic noise/punk rock with absurd lyrics that suit perfectly.

  15. too many to choose from – but i would pick imogen heap’s ellipse – because i find that it’s perfect for every occasion – when im studying, out for a run, trying to sleep, basically everything!! it’s soothing, calming, UPLIFTING, inspiring and catchy I LOVE LOVE it – she’s a genius anyway

  16. Dusker Deemon said:

    “Baby, You’re a Vampire” by The Devoted Few. *swoons*

  17. Lauren said:

    So hard to choose!
    But I’m gonna say Wolfgand Amadeus Phoenix because I am a real sucker for French pop

  18. Lou said:

    My favourite was hilltop hoods’ state of the art. was gutteral and i love aussie hip hop. haha.

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