Get Sloppy

Image: Screen cap from Le Ballon Rouge

In under a month we will see the start of a fresh new year and an endless barrage of festivals and gigs for the summer. So let’s plan this shit out or at least the first few days. After a messy new years eve, I imagine new years day will be spent recovering which means you’ll be back to your partying best by the 2nd of January. That’s perfect timing for you to join us at SLOPFRENZY – Popfrenzy’s summer party featuring Micachu & the Shapes, Telepathe, Seekae and so much more. Over two floors and a laneway, Slopfrenzy is the best and only way start to 2010.

Full details below:

Jan 2 SLOPFRENZY // Civic Hotel, Sydney with:

  • Micachu & The Shapes (UK)
  • Telepathe (USA)
  • Seekae
  • Canvas Kites
  • Tennis
  • Shady Lane
  • Via Tania (USA)
  • Otouto
  • Cabaret Callado
  • and Popfrenzy DJs

Tickets from moshtix and at all Incu stores.

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