Last Night: Patrick Wolf @ the Metro

To be flamboyant is one thing. To be excessive is another. Patrick Wolf, you are treading a fine line.

As his third visit in a space of three years, expectations for this show was no different to the last but somehow between The Magic Position and The Bachelor releases he all seems a bit lost. Last night at the Metro his set seemed, well, sensationalised. Don’t get me wrong, Wolf’s charisma and energy is something to behold but restraint appears missing in his vocabulary, even during the more melancholy moments behind the piano during “Wind in the Wires” or “The Bluebells”. At times throughout his set I was sure he was possessed by none other than Trent Reznor clad in costumes designed for those moving sculpture buskers – you know the ones dressed like a the statue of liberty. Perhaps the saving grace was “The Magic Position”, which closed his set. It was the last few minutes that I wished was established earlier in the night – it was fun, refined and was the Patrick I knew. I was just glad his fans exerted the same amount of energy and enthusiasm that he himself offered.


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