Last Night: YACHT @ the Oxford Art Factory

Hailing all the way from Portland (and with a slideshow to prove it) YACHT is a band, a belief system, and a business run by two extraordinary people: musician-and-designer Jona Bechtolt and science-writer Claire L. Evans. They are the force behind See Mystery Lights and the new trinity.

Dressed as polar opposites, the duo finds themselves at ease with the crowd, the stage peripheries and most significantly with each other as they open with “I’m In Love with a Ripper”. The dynamic between Evans and Bechtolt is stunning and electric as they constantly feeding off each other’s energy. Between songs they establish Q&A sessions, discuss a few slides, etc., basically putting lecturers everywhere to shame – we got to know YACHT in real-time and only they would raise the probability of being in the same room with the same people at the one time. Yeah, shit got real deep.

See Mystery Lights is a direct translation of their evolving paradigms; predominantly during the tracks “The Afterlife” and “We Have All We’ve Ever Wanted”. They portray a great sense of spatial awareness perhaps due to their mutli-faceted performance even once transcending into the fourth dimension – YACHT are literally visionary. Capping off their set with “Psychic City (Voodoo City)” was magic with everyone singing and dancing along. Even with a one-song encore of “See a Penny (Pick it Up)”, it couldn’t have been a better way to end a night, let alone a Tuesday night.

Complete photo set is over here.


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