Guestlist: Julia Wilson

Julia Wilson is so many shades of awesome she is like the sister I wish I had. Not only does she manages one of the most exciting labels around, she also runs her own exciting record label called Rice is Nice. If the name also rings a bell, it may be because you have seen Julia’s name occasionally pop up as a photo credit on TWYE. So she is not only passionate about music, she also a rad photographer who has snapped the likes of Metallica, Flaming Lips, Youth Group, and the list goes on. Yeah! Jules’ is awesome and is also my special guest today.

  • Future Of The Left – Travels With Myself And Another
    THIS BAND RULES…from the roots of Mclusky comes the second record from FOTL and it blew my mind yet again. I love this band. We all have to go see them live as we are lucky enough to have them tour Aus again.

    Now I’m going to be slightly biased here, but speak the truth –

  • Talons – Talons
    TALONS s/t debut was one of the reasons (SPOD was the other, but that’s ‘08) I started my own label. This record is made by the three biggest gems I had met in a loonnnnng time. It was created completely independently in friends’ corridors, lounges and the rest. It’s an excitingly raw record with incredibly strong songs, which made me happy, sad…and kinda pretty mad. These guys are doing this for all the right reasons.
  • Shady Lane – Here We Go Down the Black Hole
    SHADY LANE’s Here We Go Down the Black Hole is the debut from Sydney’s Jordy Lane. This record is full of beautiful pop gems with Jordy’s amazing voice carrying them all through perfectly. I love this record and whenever I hear it, I‘m amazed that it all came from just this one fellow. I’m looking forward to the next Shady Lane project.
  • Seekae – Sound Of Trees Falling On People
    SEEKAE are incredible and really are like nothing else around at the moment. Their album Sound Of Trees Falling On People is as good as they are live. Its spell binding and beautiful as well as exciting. You also get the notion that it’s something that comes very easily and naturally to these three, so, again, I can’t wait to hear what’s next for this impressive band.
  • Songs – Songs
    I’m lucky enough to have worked with this nz / syd band. Max, who writes all the music, obviously has an incredible ability to do so. It’s so much Flying Nun-esque, but also stands alone so strongly. I really do love this record its one of the few australian titles that stand so far out and impress in comparison to other artists, without banging on about it and having it rammed down your throat.
  • Throw Me The Statue – Creaturesque
    I worked on this album and I really fell in love with it. It’s unfairly underrated and I think you all have to go and listen to it.

A big thank you to Will, Amelia, Mark and Jules who have contributed to our Guestlist series over the past month. I’m looking forward to sharing another series with you all next December when best-of fever strikes again.

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  1. Philippe said:

    Julia Wilson = one of the music industry’s most hard working ladies! There needs to be more like her.

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