Album Review: Psychic Chasms

Imagine making music with your childhood bestie. If it sounds anything like the work of best friends Alan Palomo and Alicia Scardetta of Neon Indian, then please don’t hesitate.

Photo: Dagny Piasecki

Neon Indian are avid collectors and Psychic Chasms – their newly released record – is proof of the many samples and sounds they’ve acquired since high school. The variety of sounds is epic and sustains interest for nearly half an hour – the total duration of Psychic Chasms. Opening with the brief 30-second track, “(AM)”, Psychic Chasms liquefies into the ever-infectious “Deadbeat Summer”. Psychic Chasms is riddled with ghostly laughter and diluted static as afforded by Palomo’s d.i.y. bedroom aesthetic. It becomes a nostalgia-driven ride most evidently during “Should Have Taken Acid With You” and presents a playful innocence that is actually endearing. Ears become glazed; feet shuffle, and ice creams drip with Psychic Chasms. It’s a quick yet replayble album of twelve melted summer beats and a perfect way to start 2010.

From Psychic Chasms:
[MP3] Neon Indian – Deadbeat Summer

Psychic Chasms is out January 30 on Popfrenzy.


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