Album Review: jj n° 2

You can forgive yourself for thinking the intro to “ecstasy” – the latest single from Swedish group, jj – sounds familiar. After all, it does sample Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop”.

jj n 1

Photo: source

jj’s record, jj n° 2, was one of many that slipped under my radar in ’09. Their record appeared illegible, disturbing and somewhat obscure all from the cover alone. This was from a band that seemed to pop up out of nowhere and earned itself many great album reviews. Like most, I had no expectations with jj n° 2 but instinctively it sounded like a direct copy of the music by Swedish duo, The Tough Alliance and after some research the link between the two bands became apparent. The sweeping melodies, eerie harmonies and tribal African beats never explained that cover of jj n° 2 adorned with a pot leaf and blood stains, and even after an entire listen still had me perplexed. It glimmers in sunshine yet there is something quite sinister about it and I guess a sample of Charles Manson’s voice in their exactly 5-minute sampler doesn’t exactly exude a happy place. But whatever jj are doing, they are keeping me on my toes.

From jj n° 2:
[MP3] jj – ecstasy

Let me tell you the Swedes do one two things best: fashion and pop music – jj is another perfect example of the latter.


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