New Music: Javelin

The Avalanches and their LP of ’99 left a gap in my heart, a gap that has never been filled to this day because I am still holding on to the slightest bit of hope The Avalanches will return with something, anything. In the meantime, bands like Javelin are trying to patch up what The Avalanches left and with brief success.

Photo: source

Javelin are Brooklyn cousins George Langford and Tom Van Buskirk. Their cut-and-paste aesthetic might be prevalent with current music but it’s the level of execution and finesse on every track on their self-titled EP and Jamz N Jemz LP that leaves Javelin on high rotation. Their tracks are catchy and effortlessly funky particularly “Vibrationz” and “Intervales Theme”, while “Soda Popinski” carefully jitters Dan Deacon territory. In summary, Javelin make the quintessential party jam and that’s all there is to it.

[MP3] Javelin – Vibrationz


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