Album Review: Where Were You When It Happened?

Monotonix is not your typical band. The Israeli garage rockers are brash, provoking and crude. This not only applies to their live shows but also manifests in their newest release, Where Were You When It Happened? – the follow up to their Body Language EP.

Photo: Eilon Paz

Sure, Where Were You is packed with all the Black Sabbath/Mudhoney references you can cram but who gives a shit. What we have is an album that acknowledges this, then tramples all over it in true Monotonix style: bottom-heavy riffs accented with crunchy solos and the shrill of Ami Shalev’s vocals. Delivered with such frenetic pace, blink and Where Were You might just be over – it’s a swift, sharp blow you probably wouldn’t see coming and it’s darn exhilarating too. Too put it simply, this is an album with balls and I can’t imagine this record without limbs being broken.

Key tracks include “Set Me Free” , “I Can’t Take It Anymore” and “Spit It On Your Face”.

[MP3] Monotonix – Set Me Free

Where Were You When It Happened? is out February 27 on Popfrenzy.

This release coincides with their March tour, so do yourself a massive favour, work up a sweat and see this band because chances are you’ll see more than just bodies flying through the air. Dates are as follows:

3 Mar Annandale Hotel, Sydney
4 Mar Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne
5 Mar The National Hotel, Geelong

Thanks to the awesome people at Popfrenzy, I have a double pass to their Sydney show and a copy of Where Were You When It Happened? . To win, just leave a comment with your favourite gig moment below and that’s it! Too easy. The competition closes February 28 and the winner will be notified by email.

  1. Jorge said:

    PEACHES treading over our hands @ Home

  2. Cat said:

    Impromptu banjo solo at Mumford & Sons!

  3. Dane said:

    YACHT @ OAF!

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