Last Night: Pains of Being Pure at Heart @ Oxford Art Factory

I imagine the Pains of Being Pure at Heart would be perfect on the set of Party of Five, or more appropriately an intimate stage on a quiet Sunday night. The New York outfit greeted Sydney last night at the Oxford Art Factory and I’m still slightly smitten the day after.

On the whole, the Pains of Being Pure at Heart present their songs as two masses: light (containing elements of twee-pop where it’s wispy, adorable and glimmers like light refracting through the surface of water) and heavy (the distorted, energized and accelerated ball of fuzz that’s equally as buoyant). Both of which are unified with the delightful vocal harmonies of Kip Berman and Peggy Wang. The boy/girl vocal dialogue is undoubtedly sweet, even moreso live with each note precisely delivered on cue and pitch perfect. It’s this winning combination that’s impossible not to enjoy particularly during “Young Adult Fiction” and “Teenager In Love”.

Tracks like “Falling Over” and “Higher Than The Stars” break the more robust flow (of tracks including “Come Saturday” and “Everything With You”) providing softer, quieter moments, which eventuate to be the highlights of my the evening. This is a band that plays incredibly tight and I can’t see them play any other way.

A few more photos are here.

  1. Agreed, they were lovely. And Kip even brought his mom on tour, bless.

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