Album Review: Fight Softly

As the third full-length from The Ruby Suns, Fight Softly is laden with a hypnotic and luscious array of sounds influenced beyond their home – The Ruby Suns have picked up an international flavour impossible to ignore, particularly the bleeding stylistic parallel between Panda Bear. The difference here is the soulful vocals of Ryan McPhun that has made The Ruby Suns that bit more accessible than the aforementioned.

Photo: Amee Robinson

Fight Softly is eclectic yet intriguingly sparse. With such heterogeneous sounds, you’d assume this might just be another dense, crammed record. However the sounds in each of the ten tracks are layered, looped, and/or sliced with such delicacy that when arranged, it possesses a light, tactile character making Fight Softly a gentle and glorious listen. As it continues from opening track “Sun Lake Rinsed”, you find yourself teased by both familiar and obscure sounds. You may also find yourself entranced in one of the many euphoric moments during Fight Softly. This is an exercise in the best sun-drenched psych-pop possible.

[MP3] The Ruby Suns – Cranberry

Fight Softly is in stores March 5 on Sub Pop/Stomp.


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