New Music: Otouto

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I can’t imagine Otouto could ever be drained of inspiration; after all they have supported the likes of Sarah Blasko, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone to most recently, Micachu & the Shapes. The art-pop trio from Melbourne sure have an abundance of sounds to work with and their new single “Astronauts” definitely lets that shine through. Taken from their upcoming debut Pip, “Astronauts” emphasises the vocal play between sisters Hazel and Martha Brown and bears resemblances to Regina Spektor. Superimposed over the rattle of lo-fi guitars and soft thumping beats, juxtaposed with abstract synths the result is an infectious and highly adorable track. “Astronauts” is a prime example of the exciting sounds to come from Otouto.

[MP3] Otouto – Astronauts

Pip is out March 26 through Two Bright Lakes.

  1. Lauren said:

    I love these guys but I have no idea how to pronouce their name…
    I also found out the drummer is also in Kid Sam which is pretty cool

    • RO said:

      Haha likewise – phonetics is not exactly my forte.

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