Last Night: Dirty Projectors @ the Metro

As my favourite band of 2009, there was a lot of expectation riding on the Dirty Projectors last night. Usually, my expectations of bands are few, and from experience attending a show with high hopes doesn’t exactly end well – but this was an exception. Dirty Projectors delivered in the best way possible.

The Brooklyn six piece started on time, opening with their latest single “Ascending Melody” which together with the sway of the vocalists brought such a positive and relaxed mood to the Metro theatre, that I could hardly keep the smile off my face, let alone try and take some photos. After “No Intentions” and “Remade Horizon”, I made my way back to absorb the whole Projectors effect and wow, what a sight. Six incredibly talented musicians who together produce the most diverse range of sounds and harmonies, I felt humbled to be in their presence.

Sure I was captivated by frontman David Longstreth’s presence as he stood out with his Hendrix-style guitar, his tall stature and general musical ability, but Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian et al., you all took me to another place with your luscious vocal harmonies – the little Mariah moment Coffman showed towards the end of “Stillness is the Move” was simply bliss despite it feeling a little like an Idol moment. And that’s okay because it’s no lie that each of the four vocalists has amazing vocal range. Every single time any of you opened your mouth you took my hand and led me to the softest cloud, delicate in structure and light in body, particularly during “Two Doves” and “Temecula Sunrise”. Early Dirty Projectors material including” Fucked for Life” and “Gimme Gimme Gimme” gave a rough, almost organic, quality to the set.

Closing with a two-song encore including “When the World Comes to an End”, the Dirty Projectors could not put a foot wrong last night. As for the Metro, please check your cooling temperature again.

A few more photos here.


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