Album Review: We Have Secrets But Nobody Cares

My head has been in a million places this week and I can tell you that the only thing keeping me grounded is Seja’s upcoming debut, We Have Secrets But Nobody Cares. Seja Vogel is her name and she is the one-woman band behind this ridiculously delightful record.

Photo: Stephen Booth

Crafted on vintage electronics, We Have Secrets … sounds real bypassing the digital mediums that has become the prevalent sound in music today. You can hear the subtle fluctuations in the deep sustained timbre as “One Year Later” draws to a close or through the gentle, soulful bass beats of “Framed in Fiction”. We Have Secrets … immediately acknowledges the era reminiscent of big hair, John Hughes films and arcade games with the possible prom-classic “I’ll Get To You”. I can’t exactly pinpoint why but even though Seja has appropriated such sounds to our context, it could easily travel back in time and replace that god-awful track in the closing scene of Dirty Dancing – yeah, you know the one. While We Have Secrets … is thirteen tracks doing the time warp, it also thirteen tracks of pure fun and listening joy that it’s like getting a marshmallow in every spoonful of Lucky Charms cereal.

We Have Secrets … is sunny, adorable, genuine and nostalgic synth-based pop from an exciting local talent that could potentially rule the world just like it’s been ruling mine of late.

[MP3] Seja – I’ll Get To You

We Have Secrets But Nobody Cares is out March 27 on Rice Is Nice.


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