Album Review: Foreign Tapes

Foreign Tapes
Label: Dot-Dash
Release Date: April 23

Parades will no doubt be a busy band soon. They’re just about to release their debut, Foreign Tapes and it is vast, so very vast that you could say it reaches the far depths of space.

Parades attempt to encapsulate a lot in ten tracks from Beirut-esque horn melodies in “Marigold” to the shoegaze electronic track “Springboarder”. It’s crazy to imagine a young band not only sounding like this but also a band that also sounds so accomplished at it. “Invaders (Review)” is the strongest track on their debut – it is a swift force of soothing vocals and fast beats within an ethereal sound scape. “Past Lives” is euphoric and ambitious but is executed so with such dynamism, listening to it becomes a real delight. Foreign Tapes is an impressive debut from four local kids who will soon have the world within their grasps.

[MP3] Parades – Past Lives


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