Last Night: Seja at the Sandringham

I’ve worked so incredibly hard this week on my architectural ventures that this Seja and Otouto gig was the one thing I had been looking forward to all week – yesterday was a good day.

Greeting us with big smiles before launching into “Silver in my Eye”, it was apparent Seja was happy to see us like we were to see her. There were plenty of big smiley faces across the room making the Sandringham Hotel one pretty happy place made so much better with her delightful pop tunes. There was some dancing done, a few handclaps but mostly the winning of hearts. With her recent release, We Have Secrets But Nobody Cares in full flight last night, it was dreamy and better than I could have ever imagined. Seja’s set was thoroughly enjoyable and ridiculously adorable, even with the choreographed girl group moves during “We Cant’ See Past Our Hands”, which closed her set. You can now consider me (and probably everyone else there) smitten.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the energy to stick around and watch Otouto – the late architecture-occupied nights took its toll. I would love to hear how Otouto’s set went if anyone else went to this show.

A few more photos from Seja’s set are here.


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