Album Review: Disco2

Beach Fossils
Label: Popfrenzy
Release Date: June 26

This year just doesn’t seem like the year of the remix album. These albums (always?) seem like a desperate attempt to prolong whatever hype was generated set by its precedent. That said, these albums give their peers the opportunity for adaptations and knowing this is about where I take the CD out of it’s case and give a spin. And in the case of HEALTH’s Disco2, it’s calling the CD player home.

Among the usual suspects (Crystal Castles and Pictureplane), Disco2 unites some of 2010’s promising music acts (also TWYE’s favourites) like Javelin, Salem and Little Loud. Their individual interpretations keep HEALTH’s songs fresh, at times rendering HEALTH’s Get Color, beyond recognition. However, it is the opening single “USA Boys” that is solidly on repeat. And while seemingly apt to appear on Disco2 with its chilling electro vibes, it only proved that HEALTH are once again in their own field, producing not only a standout on Disco2 but also one of this year’s best tracks.



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