Album Review: Beach Fossils

Beach Fossils
Beach Fossils
Label: Popfrenzy
Release Date: July 17

You could call Dustin Payseur a one man band. That was until he realised the four-track he was recording on wasn’t sufficient to truly explore his sound and ideas. Upon relocating to Brooklyn, John Pena, Sennott Burke and Cole Smith joined the ride to form who we know as Beach Fossils. The quartet have built on the foundations of Payseur in their self-titled debut to an impeccable degree producing a dreamy, sun-drenched, lo-fi, surf rock-pop album notably similar to The Drums and Small Black.

From the opening track “Sometimes” there is an overwhelming impression of nostalgia embedded in Beach Fossils, which I guess is only apt as an acknowledgment to Payseur’s home in North Carolina. There is also however an incredible sense of ease (perhaps also attributed to the band’s dynamic) that makes you want to call off the rest of day for sitting in the sun and nothing else – surely “Lazy Day” is a sign you should. “Twelve Roses” and “Daydream” are the prominent tracks on Beach Fossils with their up-beat tempos and general hazy vibes. On the whole this album is two things: consistent and accessible. Beach Fossils is best enjoyed now (on your days off) or in the summer.

[MP3] Beach Fossils – Daydream

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