Last night: Nisennenmondai @ SuperDeluxe, Artspace

(Click here to view the photo large)

It would be a fair call to say the crowd at Artspace last night was relatively unfamiliar to the sounds of Nisennenmondai – the Japanese all-girl and highly experimental trio. As part of SuperDeluxe and the Sydney Biennale, the three girls treated a full house to an hour of noise attributing the styles of psychedelia, Krautrock, and towards the close of their set, a recognition of Japanese pop with “ijen urusuozuos” from their 2009 LP Destination Tokyo all in a d.i.y fashion. Rolling drum beats with ever-evolving loops, curious costumes and intense drumming from Himeno-san, made getting lost in Woolloomooloo worthwhile. It was a frenzy of noise that reminded me so much of Battles.

  1. hey ro – i thought that was you at nisennenmondai! but didn’t see you had a camera. i have pix on my flickr (tenzenmen) – check them out.

    • RO said:

      hi Shaun! yeah i’ve a haircut or two, and don’t carry the camera around as much so I guess I’m a little more inconspicuous. That back lit shot of the guitarist is great!

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