Album Review: We Are Born

We Are Born
Label: Monkey Puzzle/Inertia
Release Date: October 1

Believe it or not, I’m just new to Sia – but the very busy writer, craft queen and musician delivers what I think is the pop album of this year. Produced by none other than Greg Kurstin (the man behind Lily Allen, Ke$ha, Ladyhawke, etc.) We Are Born shines with the pop appeal similar to her contemporaries but is somewhat more accessible. Sure, the fourteen songs on We Are Born are ridiculously infectious, cute and poppy but what makes Sia different is that her songs are delivered with such conviction that her intentions with this record have really convinced me – there is also an effervescent glow that’s unavoidable to overlook. I get the impression that Sia feels at home with this record. She has established a new standard for herself and if ever she decides to continue this project of hers; We Are Born is one great reference point.

[MP3] Sia – You’ve Changed

1 comment
  1. Pix said:

    I too was new to Sia and I think she’s great

    If anything after doing some back tracking on her work, I can see why some of her old school fans might be a bit hesitant on this record because of the unwillingness for change or progression with some but I think you summed it up best that she feels at home on this record.

    great review

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