Album Review: Sacrifice

Label: Stomp
Release Date: August 20

I knew from the moment I caught TEENAGERSINTOKYO supporting CSS that great things were inevitable for the London-via-Sydney quintet. They had vast potential and their new release Sacrifice is the perfect display of this realisation.

Sacrifice is their debut full-length album and while some of the tracks are familiar, there is no denying a maturity ingrained in their sound – this is a band that sounds effortlessly polished and is all I expected but more – more thick bass, clean vocals, a wider range of sounds and an element of fun that seems ubiquitous. By far the personal highlights on Sacrifice are the newer tracks like “Long Walk Home”, and “3046” which shimmers with infinite layers of bliss-filled artpop. Both tracks display a delicate approach that I had not previously witnessed from TEENAGERSINTOKYO. It’s pretty surprising this is first debut but given the accolades of their 2008 EP, this just blows it out the water. With Sacrifice, TEENAGERSINTOKYO have nailed it.



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