Album Review: The Heart of The Nightlife

The Heart of The Nightlife
Label: Pod
Release Date: November 19

Yesterday I presented what was my last project for uni after six years, so you can only imagine how crazy it has been for the pass few weeks. One of few things keeping me afloat was the debut release from L.A. duo Kisses, that was until I lost it amidst the mess of architectural models. I moved the cd around the whole house playing it wherever and whenever I could – I enjoyed hearing it so much that I had to play it everywhere and now I don’t know where it could be. You can understand that I’m a little bummed out right now that I’m reviewing their debut, The Heart of The Nightlife – the most infectious release of this year – without knowing where it could be.

From what I remember of The Heart of The Nightlife, there might have been one or two tracks I didn’t enjoy as much the others, but everything else was on high rotation. Why? When an emerging band sounds like The Whitest Boy Alive, Hot Chip, Arthur Russell and Belle & Sebastian in one release, it is assured that you have my undivided attention. Drenched in glittery, disco-esque melodies and Kisses, you’ve sealed the deal. This is great but please The Heart of The Nightlife, could you please show yourself again.

[MP3] Kisses – Kisses

  1. This is such a top tune. We’ll be playin this on the show for sure… We’ll drop your name for putting it out there. Thanks!

    • RO said:

      If you loved that, you’ll love the whole album.

  2. James said:

    Congrats on finishing your last project at Uni Ro!

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